Thousands of tourists go to this brothel every year

Photo by Artem Labunsky

Pompeii is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in the world. Located just outside of Naples in southern Italy. Pompeii is renowned for the disaster that occurred in AD 79 and is also the reason it was so well preserved, leaving the Roman ruins intact under a thick layer of ash for over a thousand years.

Photo by Thomas Quine

With world-famous artwork adorning the walls and roofs, from artists who went to great lengths and travelled far and wide to source their colours.

As Stone Age painters discovered that pigments from earthy iron oxide deposits did not fade as fast as colours derived from animal and vegetable sources, they went to great efforts to find a good supply of these dyes.

The artists were so careful about choosing their blacks that they decided to trek all the way to the Pyrenees mountains, 150 miles away to source manganese. To derive manganese from the stones that contain it you have to burn it in a fire that gets to at least 900 degrees Celsius. All this to get something different than charcoal. …

Giotto was an Italian painter born in 1267. Known for his paintings, frescos and architecture. During the late Gothic or proto Renaissance.
Giotto is one of the greatest artists in history, as well as an appreciated architect. He was an apprentice to Cimabue, a renowned painter.
Boccaccio a prominent writer and poet, described him as the best painter in the world. Giotto made a decisive break from the traditional Byzantine style. Introducing the technique of drawing accurately from life.

Lamentation Of Christ — Giotto (Wikimedia)

He grew up in a typical Tuscan farmhouse, in Colle di Vespignano in Mugello near Florence. He painted sheep on the…

Charles I — Wikimedia

Charles the first was born in the palace buildings in Dunfermline, which is now a tourist attraction in Scotland. Charles was very sickly as a child and when his family were moving to London he didn’t go with them because they thought he wouldn’t survive the journey. He couldn’t just order an Uber or a plane, it took a very long time. His brother was being primed for taking over as king, and he was pretty much the opposite of him. …

Marcus Aurelius was one of the best rulers of roman history and we are still learning from his practices today. This article however, talks about the life of one of Rome’s worst ruler’s. A guy by the name of Nero.

Nero — Wikimedia

Before I get into all the bad, let’s talk a bit about the good… a bit.

Nero ended private trials, capital punishment and he gave slaves the right to sue their unjust owners. He was also big into the arts, whether that was poetry music or acting, he liked to act as slaves, beggars and lunatics. …

What if Cavemen had Instagram

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

If you look at your Instagram feed, what do you see?

It’s a collection of memories. You post what you like, what you want to remember, so other people can see it on their feed too.

If we look back 50,000 years ago it’s basically the same concept you have stick man figures drawn with bat faeces upon the walls of caves. You have the men and then you have the beasts.

According to history, kids would gather around a pitch-black cave and the elders would point a flame towards each painting and tell a story around it. ‘This is…

Camera Obscurra

Hi Everyone,

Today I am starting to write on Medium 😊

This is all going to be related to the film industry. From film equipment, editing, how a camera works and will also cover the history of film.

How did we get to where we are now, in the film industry?

When you look at a camera, it’s not that different in terms of the mechanics as what was in 400 BC. There is a thing called a pinhole camera. It wasn’t necessarily a camera but say you had a building with a hole in it, the light would go…


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